Hometown: DE, BE

Genres: Americana

Members: Dan Cash - Vocals, Mark Twang - Guitar, Dick Stone - Bassfidle, Chris Slazy -Drumms

Highway Patrol  :Sharp like a Razor,Steady like a Train,

A hard hittin Snaredrum,a cool slappin' Double- Bass ,a twangy mean 

Guitar and a unique Voice ,strong ,simple and rockin', playing 

originals and covers with only one aim: 

Having fun, on stage and in front of it! 

Highway Patrol does not claim to have invented the wheel anew,but 

they sure as hell show you how it rolls! 

Highway Patrol is Rockabilly with a touch of rockin' Country, or it is 

rockin Country with a touch of Rockabilly,we couldn't decide,so we 


You wanna know what it sounds like?Check it out! 

The Highway Patrol hit the Road!They are comin' to rock you!! 

Dan Cash : Vocals & Jumboblaster

Dick Stone :Bullfidle, backing vocals

Mark Twang: Twangguitar

Chris Slazy ; drums& backing vocals